The Complete Subisu

Experience catered to your needs

At Subisu, we believe our service needs to be catered and our experience will always be catered to your needs.

Find the best internet service here.

State of the Art Call Center

  • 24x7 Hrs. Call Support
  • Highly responsive to the need and issues of customers
  • Dedicated Call Center with over 150 nos. of well trained staffs
  • Equipped to Handle Calls, SMS, Emails, Social Networks and online messaging

Multi-Platform System

  • Internet connection through various mediums such as cable, fiber and wireless
  • Mobile TV Over-the–Top (IPTV) for TV experience in your smart devices over Wi-Fi
  • Digital TV subscription over the same cable

Greater Customer Satisfaction

  • Highly satisfied customers
  • Collaborative team effort assuring best possible solutions
  • Delighting customer experience
  • Prompt customer service

Established Fiber Backbone

  • Internationally connected at 3 Nepal-India border points with Optical Fiber Cable
  • Core Network on 100G DWDM and MPLS Equipment
  • Only Company with Nationwide MPLS network
  • Customers have the leverage to upgrade their bandwidth on-the-fly
  • Strong international quality communication hardware such as optical fiber cables, power backups etc. across Kathmandu valley and other parts of Nepal

Strong Technical Team

  • Highly qualified team of 700 dedicated engineers, managers and customer service
  • Providing better connectivity with optimal knowledge of IP/MPLS, IPLC & INTERNET CISCO/REDHAT/Microsoft/Juniper Certified technical team

Value For Money

  • Customer gets Broadband & HD Quality Digital TV experience at most competitive price
  • Personalized support service
  • We care for our existing customers through loyalty package
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