CEO's Message


I am a proud member of a team that leads the Nepalese information technology sector. At the forefront of Nepalese Television & Internet Industry, we support a large base of clientele that includes individuals, families, small offices and large enterprises including government institutions.

Innovation, customer response, cutting edge technologies offering and state of the art equipment and facilities, Subisu works continuously to enhance its widely distributed products and services. Growing exponentially, setting history in Nepalese information technology industry, I am pleased that we have brought groundbreaking ideas, technologies & services into Nepalese lives, institutions, and communities.

Having set milestones with Dual Play in Video (TV) and Data (Internet), Subisu team continues to rise up to the challenges of the present and the future by introducing the latest technology on High Definition (HD) Digital CableTV and upto-date Broadband Internet experience. With the fast changing TV & Internet technology, we have introduced Over The Top (OTT or Mobile TV)) service to our clients. With this service the clients will have the options to use Live TV (TV Channels) in hand held devices as well. I firmly believe that we strive today to change tomorrow for our nation.

Everything we do ultimately touches human life. What we do involves improving your life. I hope that you will give us the opportunity to be a part of your life.

Binaya Mohan Saud

Chief Executive Officer, Subisu

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