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Small things plays vital role on the business growth so enjoy the flexibility within very less budget

Startups can enjoy the benefit of hosting rather manage everything within the organization with the flexibility of scale up as per the future demand of resources with adding up very nominal OPEX.


What is Hosting Service?

Hosting is somehow similar with the VPS but the Hosting is more leaning towards the sharing of physical servers to too many of the clients who have very less amount of data and who also need very cost effective solution 0 than VPS. Basically Hosting is called Web hosting so many of the organization may host their web sites through this and Service provider will provide C-panel to manage their clients content as per required, Similarly Email service as be host on this platform and creation/ deletion of the specific mail id’s can be manage via C-panel.

Hosting is more beneficial for those organizations who is willing to star their business from very root level and doesn’t have strong financial situation. The physical server database, Bandwidth, Bandwidth etc should be in shared model so the cost to the company will be much cheaper than other solutions.

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