Introducing SUBISU 5GHz Plus Dual Band Router


SUBISU 5GHz Plus Dual Band Router

  • Subisu 5GHz plus dual band router’s frequency facilitates the customer with a higher data range with negligible interference and offers a great deal when it comes to the internet speeds for home Wi-Fi.
  • It can achieve up to 700Mbps real-time throughput (which is around double throughput than any available Wi-Fi devices in market). Subisu 5GHz plus dual band router’s Wi-Fi range is more than 30% than that of previous ONU devices.
  • Wi-Fi feature of this device can support parallel input and parallel output technology which results in higher throughput that of other available devices in market both in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Subisu 5GHz plus dual band router supports technology which enables our support associated to troubleshoot the client side problems being at office and need not require to go to client’s place until critical issue arise.
  • The device supports time based Wi-Fi signal access to control misuse of Internet by children in client’s home and also support device based filter list to allow or deny Internet access in any device in client’s home. It has port forwarding feature required for SOHO environment or sometimes required even in home environment.
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