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Scalable Green Modular Data Center in Nepal

We are excited to share our remarkable journey in the world of device security and infrastructure. Subisu started with a conventional data center in Baluwatar.


We are excited to share our remarkable journey in the world of device security and infrastructure. Subisu started with a conventional data center in Baluwatar. In the year 2019, our dedication was tested as the facility faced a devastating fire. Nevertheless, our commitment to innovation and excellence was preserved. This adversity only fueled our determination to emerge stronger. We took a significant leap forward by introducing and Installing Nepal's largest first Modular Data Centre, located in the heart of the city, Baluwatar, Kathmandu. This accomplishment was drawn from our valuable experience we had acquired in constructing Modular Data Centers for various government agencies, financial institutions, and technology centers in the past years starting from year 2012.

Modular Datacenters are considered to be more eco-friendly than the conventional data centers. Modular data centers are energy- efficient due to their compact design. Furthermore, modular datacenters have advantage due to compatibility, scalability & waste/recycle management along with the green building technology, they implement to reduce carbon emissions and focus on higher energy efficiency.

Building upon this foundation of cutting-edge technological advancements and our dedication to innovative and sustainable solutions, we take pride in announcing the successful implementation of highly scalable modular data center solutions for a diverse range of esteemed Enterprise clientele. We are dedicated to creating advanced modular data center solutions that are customized to fit the specific requirements of every industry and organization. Our focus extends to delivering and maintaining exceptional infrastructure that enables our diverse clients to run their critical operations smoothly, with our responsibility ranging operations, maintenance, and after-sales support. Our wide range of customers demonstrates our ability to provide versatile expertise in supply, delivery installation and after sales support of data centers requirement for clients with a variety of needs.

List of Clientele:


  • Government Financial Regulator-1
  • Government Financial Institution-2
  • Government Data Center-3
  • Government Bank-1
  • Government Customs Regulator-2
  • Government Security Forces-2
  • Education SectorS-1
  • Aviation Sectors-2
  • Commercial Banking Sectors-1

Powerful Partnerships

Our commitment to excellence extends to our partnerships with industry leaders in the Data Center World. We are proud to be Vertiv Group Corporation's exclusive platinum partner in Nepal, a global leader in data center solutions and services. Vertiv specializes in designing, constructing, and servicing data centers facilities to ensure uninterrupted power and cooling for efficient data center management. Their cutting-edge technologies allow organizations to achieve exceptional reliability and operational efficiency. Our collaboration with Vertiv began in 2012 and has since grown stronger. As an American brand, Vertiv's Indian factory enables us to provide efficient and prompt remote support as a key advantage.

Being an American brand, Vertiv's Indian factory has enabled us to provide efficient remote support and immediate assistance as and when required.

Expertise that Matters

The heart of our success lies in our dedicated and highly skilled team of our in-house experts. These professionals possess a deep understanding of diverse technologies, ensuring that our system integration is not only seamless but also highly professional. Our accomplished team comprises of:

  • Vertiv Certified Electrical Engineers
  •  Vertiv Certified Technicians
  •  CDCP (Certified Data Center Professionals) Certified Engineers.

Unmatched Services

At Subisu, we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions as we continuously strive to provide cutting-edge solutions that ensures device security, device friendly environment and fully redundant power backup and cooling solution. With our expert team, and strong partnerships, we are committed to attempt to deliver turn key solution right to your door step.

Some of our key highlights include:

  • American brand with manufacturing plant in India; enabling easy and cost-effective logistic process enabling
    • Enabling-Prompt and reliable Manufacturer’s support anytime
    • Enabling-Easy availability of spare parts
    • Enabling-Quick and hassle-free deployment; less than 5-6 weeks
  • Highly scalable solution; Increase Rack, Cooling and UPS Capacity as required
  • Portable and Reusable; allowing the utilization of at least 80% equipment
  • Ongoing support by Vertiv Certified-Subisu professionals reducing monitoring overheads (manpower cost/ time)
  • Energy Saving, Cost-effective solution and Fast Return of Investment (ROI)

Our Role and Involvement

Phase I - Design Phase:

During this initial phase, our comprehensive approach involves thorough calculations for power requirements, cooling needs, and necessary spare requirement, leading to the finalization of a comprehensive Bill of Quantity (BOQ).

Phase II - Implementation Phase:

In the second phase, we execute the planned design with accuracy. This includes the supply and delivery of required components, the expert installation of equipment, configuration, and commissioning of the system. Additionally, we ensure that your team is well-prepared through training for seamless operations.

Phase III - Post Implementation Phase:

After the successful implementation, our commitment continues. We provide post-implementation support, including proactive after-sales support, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), and ongoing maintenance services. Regular training sessions are also conducted to educate your team with the necessary skills and knowledge for sustainable operation.

At every stage of the process, from design and implementation to post-implementation support, we are committed to deliver excellent service to our customer.

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