• Rs. 1069/-

    Per Month on Annual Subscription

  • Internet for 12 Months
  • Package Includes:

    FTTH Internet 150 Mbps
    5GHz Onu Device

    Yearly Subscription: Rs. 12832

    *All above charges are exclusive of VAT
    *Rs. 500 each will be refunded from the ONU and STB Activation after the user returns the device in working condition

Note : *All packages rates mentioned above are exclusive of VAT. Mentioned rates are in Nepalese Currency.

  • Certain terms & conditions will be applicable.
  • To know more about 5GHz Plus Dual Band Router Click here
  • Any of the Subisu Device installed at the Customer end are subject to be returned in the case the service(s) rendered are deactivated consecutively for more than 30 days.
  • Rs. 500 of the activation charge will be refunded for returning the device in perfect working condition and with all the accessories.
  • Subisu Fair Usage Policy will be applicable.

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