About Online Payment Service

Observing the customers simplicity, we have been collaborating with various payment gateways to ease our valued customer making their payment online from anywhere. Our customer can now easily pay SUBISU's Internet & Clear TV bill through our below mentioned payment partners.

Note: Presently outside valley’s FTTH customers can pay bill through https://selfcare.subisu.net.np

Existing Online Payment Channels

Payment Gateways/Wallet System: Customer can pay Subisu’s service i.e. TV and Internet Service through online payment gateways apps. Customer needs to have an account in various gateways where they can load the wallet from various method    eSewa, PrabhuPay,  IMEpay, PayPoint,   ENet and other payment gateways apps.

For video tutorial:   https://subisu.net.np/video-tutorials

ENet video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoGK6SPkyEM

Pay Online:  https://selfcare.subisu.net.np/

Mobile Banking: This is one of the easiest ways of paying Subisu’s service from their existing bank account. Customers can download mobile apps  of their existing bank and can pay the service using fonepay merchant network.

For video tutorial:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QrwHd3CBS0

Mobile Banking platform:   https://www.fonepay.com/

Activate Mobile Banking from home in 3 Simple Steps:

1) Download your bank's mobile banking app and click on activate service
2) Enter your Mobile Number and Bank Account Number
3) Enter your Activation code received in SMS
    You are Done!!!! 
* Now Setup password and transaction PIN and Enjoy Secure Payment Staying Home.

If you still have issue making payment with your mobile banking, call your bank for assistance.

Debit/ Credit & Prepaid Card Payment: This is also one of the easiest way of paying internet service using Nepal's as well as International Visa, Master Card and American Express’s Debit/Credit Cards. We need to enable the service from bank to use this facility. But if those are new card, Online Payment is enabled by default. For old cards customer needs to activate the Online Payment Service from Bank. Please contact your bank to enable the service. Moreover we can pay through prepaid cards too.  Customer needs to access the facilities through selfcare portal https://selfcare.subisu.net.np

For video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDTDmkSd4Wo&t=10s

Connect IPS: Presently outside Kathmandu valley’s FTTH customers can pay through Connect IPS directly from https://selfcare.subisu.net.np for their Internet Service. We will soon implement this service to our inside valley customers.

For video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_AG_yMoIM0&t=78s

Fund Transfer: Customer can transfer funds directly to Subisu’s account from their existing bank account for the purchased subscription through internet banking and banks mobile apps. Please check the service with the banks.

Due Payment: If Inside Valley customer wants to pay via ConenctIPS or Debit/Credit cards, Subisu's agent will firstly check the customer's due balance for further payment processing. If due balance is correct, our agent will renew the service and guides the customer to pay via Selfcare portal https://selfcare.subisu.net.np

Continental Marketing: Customers can pay Subisu's Internet and TV service through Himal Remit. They can deposit the amount through nearby Himal Remit agents.

Bank Deposit: Customer can walk into the nearest bank and deposit the amount in Subisu's account. After depositing, they can call our sales agents and inform.

Payment Partners