Wireless Internet FAQ


Check the RSSI (Wireless Signal level of CPE device), it should be around -65 dBm

•    Mostly coverage of the device depend upon the placement of device and density of the urbaneness of environment.
•    Practically we found coverage of NSM2, LocoM2,Bullet M2 (Ubiquity Product) with sector antenna within 1.5KM
•    In the case of 5Ghz, NSM5, LocoM5,BulletM5 it will be within 2.5KM
•    Engenius product ENH 200, ENS 500, EXT 700 and CIG has the coverage area with 1KM

•    Press the Hardware button for the 10 second.
•    In some of the product need power reboot after hard reboot.


•    Change the LAN network of PC/Laptop to 192.168.1.XX subnet

•    Browse the IP (for ubiquity) and (for other product).

•    The login screen will appear Enter the username and password (mostly mention on the backside of product).
•    For the CPE setup Select the wireless Tab and set as shown in screen.

•    Choose the Select option the SSID then select the SSID which has better signal level (-50dBm is good signal than -60dBm)
•    For AP configuration choose wireless mode to AP and then make SSID as desired.
•    Select Change button at the bottom to write configuration.

•    First download the Latest firmware from the official site of product.
•    For ubiquiti product : https://www.ubnt.com/products/#all/wireless
•    For Engenius product: http://www.engeniusnetworks.com/
•    Upload the downloaded latest firmware.

Signal level in the range of -65dB is satisfactory, below this in the range of -50 is good enough.

•    For the wireless connectivity always select Bandwidth 20/40.
•    Channel 1, 6, 11 are non-overlapping channel try to select these channel and correspond frequency.

•    Login the device page
•    Select the wireless option and then step down to security
•    Select security mode as AES/WEP/WPA-PSK then set password in password block

•    Login the CPE device page (mention in 1st FAQ).
•    Select the main option.
•    At the bottom there is the WAN (wireless connectivity data rate) and LAN interface data rate.