Subisu Intranet Network Infrastructure

Data Connectivity Service (INTRANET/ IP MPLS) Subisu Network Infrastructure is designed and operated by engineers with extensive experience to run the largest DWDM and MPLS/IP network in Nepal. Today, Subisu owns and operates its own continuously upgraded nationwide IP/MPLS network, and has built Optical Fiber and wireless redundancies unmatched by any other service provider in Nepal. Subisu network represents a best-of-breed network architecture that provides the security, low-latency, low-jitter and cost- effectiveness of Ethernet with the resiliency and quality of service (QoS) features of MPLS. Subisu’s services include the network, equipment provisioning, and equipment maintenance, real-time performance monitoring and troubleshooting. The highest levels of performance are guaranteed with Subisu’s industry- leading Service Level Agreements. Subisu offers network speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 100s of Mbps in 1 Mbps increments for Intranet service and can match any bandwidth requirement for Internet service.Subisu is access-agnostic, providing its fully managed Ethernet services over fiber, copper or microwave.