Transforming Internet Technology and Service in Nepal

Transforming Internet Technology and Service in Nepal

Why Choose Subisu over other ISPs in Nepal

Subisu is the leading provider of high-speed internet, digital TV (clear TV), and IT solutions for businesses and home users in Nepal.

In 2004, it pioneered cable internet service in Kathmandu along with other services like VPN, Remote Surveillance, etc. It has always been upfront with the evolving change in technology since its inception. Thus providing reliable and affordable internet and digital TV in 60+ districts in Nepal.

About Fiber-To-The-Home Internet (FTTH)

What is FTTH?

FTTH internet is the latest technology in which the data is transmitted via optical fiber from a central point directly to individual residence or business to provide unparalleled high-speed internet access. Optical fiber refers to medium and technology associated with the transmission of data as a light pulse along a glass or fiber.

FTTH has unlimited bandwidth compared to other technologies like DSL or cable modem. It is the best medium of internet connectivity as it is comparatively 20 to 100 times faster than cable and ADSL.

FTTH supports high connection speeds available to end-users. It is used worldwide now to deliver data signals like Internet, IPTV, etc.

Why should you have fiber internet for home and business?

Subisu and Fiber Internet

Optical Fiber Cable is used by Subisu to transmit TV channels, the internet, and fiber connect solutions.

Optical Fiber Cable Network provides the backbone transmission media to any service that Subisu has on offer to its clients.

Its HFC network uses high-end coaxial cable laid with MPLS (Multi-Label Protocol Switching) and a fully redundant metropolitan access network. The network’s headend is at Baluwatar, Kathmandu, and spreads across major locations of the valley.

Since adopting FTTH, Subisu has been providing affordable and consistent fiber internet in major parts of the country. According to the MIS report published by Nepal Telecommunication Authority in April 2019, Subisu FTTH internet occupies 7% of FTTH market having 33,401 subscribers becoming Fourth in Fiber internet services.

Why should you choose Subisu’s FTTH internet plans?

  • All Subisu services are delivered with standard Ethernet interface and do not require additional network hardware and this makes us cost-effective.
  • Internationally connected at 3 Nepal-India border points with Optical Fiber Cable.
  • Core Network on 100G DWDM and MPLS Equipment.
  • Only Company with Nationwide MPLS network.
  • Customers have the leverage to upgrade their bandwidth on-the-fly.
  • Strong international quality communication hardware such as optical fiber cables, power backups, etc. across Kathmandu valley and other parts of Nepal

Subisu’s fiber optical internet ensures continuous uptime and your business’s smooth communication 24*7. We ensure you get the value for your money.

Check out Subisu’s Offertunity offer on the occasion of the 19th anniversary.

25Mbps Internet+ClearTV Premium Package at Rs.1040/month