Top 5 Benefits of Using Optical Fiber Internet in Nepal

Top 5 Benefits of Using Optical Fiber Internet in Nepal

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Introduction to Optical Fiber Internet in Nepal

Optical fiber internet is relatively new in Nepal. There was a time when the internet service was based on broadband cable network which was comparably slower than the optical fiber used today. The internet in Nepal has been transformed from Dial Up connection, wireless internet and lastly the cable internet (first introduced in Nepal by Subisu in 2004) to the optical fiber.

In Nepal, fiber internet was first introduced back in 2011.

Benefits of optical fiber internet over broadband & cable internet

Internet connectivity over fiber-optics is unmatched in every aspect of speed, reliability, security, and most importantly the bandwidth. Fiber relies on light instead of electricity to transmit data, which facilitates much faster Internet connections over the long distance that are capable of managing higher bandwidth without losing any latency.

Here are the top 5 benefits of optical fiber internet in Nepal

1. High Speed Data Transfer

Fiber optical cable can send data up-to 1000 times faster than broadband and copper cables. Fiber internet options ranges from 5 Mbps up-to 100 Gbps.

Fiber can simply handle more data at a faster rate than cable or DSL.

How does fiber optics internet work?

The internet speed data of Nepal in 2019, according to

 Download speed: 12.55 Mbps
 Upload speed: 7.24 Mbps
 Global rank: 126

Fixed broadband (Fiber optic broadband)
 Download speed: 21.72 Mbps
 Upload speed: 20.53 Mbps
 Global rank: 107

What is the difference between Broadband, Fiber and 3G?

One benefit of using fiber internet over the cable and DSL is symmetrical speed. Meaning your upload and download speed are same in fiber internet.

Subisu offers fiber to the home internet up to 70 Mbps with Clear TV

2. Highly Reliable

Fiber optical cables can withstand the vulnerable weather conditions in comparison to copper cables, which can hinder the data transmission. Fiber is also resistant to electrical or human interference unless it is physically destroyed while copper cables are susceptible to fire and electricity.

Unreliable internet connections can have severe impact on your business. Subisu’s fiber optical internet ensures the continuous uptime and your business’s smooth communication 24*7.

3. Cost-effective

At the inception, the cost of optical fiber internet in Nepal was comparably higher than cable and ADSL internet. In the recent years it’s been the most cost effective internet option due to its large-scale demand and usage.

The cost of the internet should be viewed concurrently with business productivity.  Productivity concerns that are directly related to slow or unreliable cable Internet eradicates with fiber connection.

Fiber connections are the most cost effective when it comes to cloud services. If your business is looking to move your applications and services to cloud or deploy SaaS, cloud storage, VoIP and so on our fiber connection supports these initiatives.

25 Mbps Unlimited Internet With Clear TV

4. High Bandwidth

Even though the fiber optic internet for business is not exactly unlimited as promised, the bandwidth is notably higher and speed doesn’t decrease with high demands across the network.

Subisu’s optical fiber internet enhances following services that requires high bandwidth:

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Live streaming HD videos
  • Video/web conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Deploying and running cloud apps

5. Economic Development

High speed internet can and must act as catalyst in the economic development of our country. The proper deployment of internet infrastructure in the significant areas of nation such as education (universities, colleges and schools), government offices, etc. is crucial in nations economic evolution.

The Broadband Policy (2015), for instance, aims to connect all 75 Nepali districts by an optical fiber network within the acute deadline of 2020.

There is more to fiber optic internet than simply offering faster service. It opens doors for the education and economic growth and more.

As the range of fiber infrastructure grows in our country, fiber connectivity becomes a more affordable and simpler upgrade to your business technology.

Subisu, since its establishment has always aimed to create positive impact in economic growth of Nepal through its reforming technology.

Why Subisu Fiber-to-the-home connection (FTTH)?

To meet your need for higher speed, reliable and secured network, Subisu has come up with Next Generation Network Technology i.e. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) service. It is governed by GPON technology.

FTTH service of Subisu offers you:

  • Future ready technology/service i.e. Triple Play Service (Voice, Video and Data) from a single fiber line to your home.
  • A consistent and quality service.
  • Optimized business model by independent ONT solutions and optimal technology migration throughout the network.

Subisu FTTH service is(are) available in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, and also available in areas outside Kathmandu valley. To know more, please contact our Subisu’s head office or any nearby SUBISU station.

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