How to choose the best SUBISU Internet Package?

How to choose the best SUBISU Internet Package?

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Are you thinking of getting SUBISU internet for your home connection? Or are you already a Subsiu user and want to try new packages to improve the current experience?

If so, you may get overwhelmed by the number of packages we provide. Well, there are quite a lot of them. But not to worry, in this article, we’ll make it easier for you to choose the best SUBISU internet package.

Choosing the right broadband package

Broadband includes several high-speed internet technologies such as DSL, fiber, cable modem, wireless, and so on.

At SUBISU, we offer fiber to the home (FTTH) and wireless internet connection.

It is important to get the right combination of connection speed, cost, and length of the contract is crucial in picking the best internet package.

Things to consider while choosing SUBISU's internet plans

  • Type of broadband internet you use: Fiber or Other?
  • How important is internet speed to you?
  • How long the contract you want for?
  • Whether you want a bundle of internet and TV?

First of all, you will need to evaluate what kind of user you are.

For instance,

Light User: If you do not need internet much then you can opt for a 30 Mbps/month package. For getting higher value for money you can also opt for the same package but if paid for the year at once.

Heavy User: If you enjoy gaming online or streaming HD TV online or watching live sports online or have multiple devices connected to the same Wi-Fi you'll need an internet package with better speed. We suggest you opt for the 40 Mbps/month package.

Student User: For students depending upon the time they spend on internet a basic 30 Mbps internet is more than enough. But if you're a Netflix addict 40 Mbps will enhance your experience.

Business User: If you are running a business in Nepal, we have a special SME internet package as well. It starts with 20 Mbps that extends to 35 Mbps. SME plans provide seamless and dedicated internet even at peak hours. Therefore, for the businesses that need to be online most of the hours our SME plan fits in perfectly. With value-added service and offer, Solution 360 by SUBISU for SME is an optimum cost-effective solution.

You can check out the available SME plans here.

Why speed is the key?

Download and upload speed is the key thing every internet user in Nepal looks forward to. Selecting the best internet package is equivalent to selecting the package with the highest speed. SUBISU strives in providing the best speed internet at a reasonable cost.

The speed is key when it is more than just plain browsing. For browsing, emailing, uploading images on social media, watching online streaming such as Netflix, gaming online, downloading movies, and so on won't be a problem with any of our packages unless the single device is accessing it.

However, if more than one devices have to do all these things it is better to upgrade to a higher speed. Since we offer up to 75 Mbps fiber internet for your home connection.

SUBISU's internet plus TV packages

For those who want add-ons to their internet, we've been offering a bundle of internet and clear TV.

Check out our latest clear TV package with FTTH internet.

How long do you want the contract for?

SUBISU offers contracts between 1 month to 12 months at a time. The cost of packages is costly if you wish to leave it early. In this case, if you opt for longer contracts (for instance: 12 months) you will not only get monthly packages at a cheaper cost but also an additional three months free.

Check out our latest offers.

In conclusion

If you are satisfied with the current SUBISU experience that's great to know. However, if you are not, you may want to try new plans that offer better speed, bandwidth and provide better value for money.