How the Coronavirus Lockdown has Affected Internet Speed in Nepal?

How the Coronavirus Lockdown has Affected Internet Speed in Nepal?

Lockdown due to corona

It has been 14 days since the lockdown began in Nepal amidst the coronavirus outbreak and will continue until 15 April. Most of the population is at home either working remotely, playing online games and enjoying Youtube and Facebook over the Internet or watching their favorite TV shows and movies. We are also hanging around the internet to stay connected with our friends and family, keep in touch with the outside world, getting updated news and entertaining ourselves. Probably everybody in a home is connected in Internet at same time and surfing their favorite contents.

As the entire population is in lockdown state at their home, they are doing everything from home, and most of it is happening through Internet access. As a result, there’s been huge increase in internet traffic, almost 35-40 percent rise in recent weeks.

The increased network traffic congested most operators Internet bandwidth which is connected mostly through Indian service providers like Airtel and TATA Communiactions. The slower internet can be quite frustrating when you’re working and communicating online via home internet.

Our internet infrastructure is designed to adapt huge spike in traffic by dividing the network load into peak hours and working hours. However, at present the home connection is being used almost 24 hours, with greater usage during the day.

There’s been a significant rise in engagement with video content specially YouTube, TikTok and movie streaming sites like Netflix. Even if we assume you have more bandwidth, you still might run into problems at home.

Recently, big content providers like Netflix and Google have lowered the quality of streaming videos to cope with increased demand for bandwidth which is increasing day by day.

Since March 24, YouTube reduced the quality of videos around the world as an effort to ease internet traffic during the coronavirus outbreak. Facebook recently did the same thing with Facebook Live videos, which it says are seeing record traffic.

How to get best out of your broadband when stuck at home?

The first step is to look at your existing plan and needs, then work out if there are ways to make the most of what you've already got.

Why is my connection slow?

We have stated why your internet speed is slower than usual during the lockdown. However, for the home connection the most common issue revolves around Wi-Fi.

If you have multiple devices connected to same network, the speed will be shared. Try limiting the devices connected to the wireless network, this will somehow ease the congestion on that network.

Another option is to connect your work computer directly to your modem through ethernet cable. You will achieve better speed and stable service than with Wi-Fi. This can even free up congestion on wireless network and improve overall performance.

Dial Down Netflix and YouTube Quality

Although YouTube and Netflix have lowered the quality of streaming videos worldwide, if you find it bearable, it may be worth switching down the online streaming quality and not forcing to higher quality for a while.

Download Rather than Stream

The streaming of video content is high during daytime. It may be worth downloading them onto your local devices while the internet is bearing less traffic, i.e. at late night after 10 PM or in the morning till 9 AM. While you’re binge watching the shows offline it could free up bandwidth for other users at your home.

Get a Faster Subisu Connection

Through speculations, the lockdown period could extend for few more weeks. That means demand for higher bandwidth will increase even more. So, you should probably look to get a faster Subisu connection for a while.

If you don't want to deal with a new provider, it is better to step your Internet plan or package to the higher one than your existing Subisu Packages. If you're looking to pass the time with a lot of video streaming, and heavy online work you should probably upgrade your plans right now.

Subisu Contact Numbers

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