Cable Internet + Clear TV


How do I check my data usages.+

Please follow the steps to check data usage:

  1. Log into the Internet and open
  2. Enter your username and account password. If you need for first time, you can contact our support assistant.
  3. On the home page you will find Session History where you will be asked to provide username and the dates of usage data.

Getting the data from the server may take a little time. On the same page you will also find Usage Summary where you can access data usage from the date you have selected in the form of a total.

What if I face slow browsing problem.+

Check the bandwidth utilization, latency, wireless strength and pinging the default gateway. If everything seems fine at your end, then you can contact our Technical Support to know the cause. It may be due to signal problem, excessive download from other device in your home, automatic update of windows and other software, Lastly it could be due to virus affected in your device.

Is your Internet Speed shared with another Customer ?+

Subisu normally provides subscribed bandwidth to its user and is not shared. However if any user demand for shared bandwidth, it’ll be provided on demand and that is mentioned in contract as well.

How do I change my Internet login password?+

Firstly, Do login in Subisu IP Address. For details follow the procedures:

  • Type in the browser
  • Login page will appear
  • Type your username and password
  •  Sign in

After login Procedure:

To change account password, click on account details. Check mark the square box and Change A/C Password will appear on screen. Click on it and enter password twice to change account password.

Note: Account password and net password are different. Net password refers to login password for internet use where as account password is used to access account information in

Can I access my Email Accounts on other ISPs using cable connection? If yes, how?+

Yes you can access email accounts you have on other ISPs. The SMTP server has to be set (for sending mails) to and pop3/imap server (to retrieve mails) must be set to the address of your mail account provider. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Go to Accounts
  4. Go to mail TAB
  5. Click on Properties button
  6. Go to SERVER TAB
  7. Your incoming mail will be same as that of the (account-provider). Change your outgoing mail to:
    POP3/IMAP: Yours email service provider`s POP/IMAP server address (If you are not sure, confirm this with your email service provider).
The cable’s LED on my cable modem keeps on blinking. Why don’t they become steady?+

The modem is not able to range the downstream and upstream RF signal (frequencies). You can`t connect to the internet unless the LED is stable. To correct it, firstly power cycle your cable modem and see if the LED becomes stable. If the LED is still blinking contact Technical Support for assistance.

Does my modem work for any operating system?+

Since the cable modem is supported by all Operating Systems, it works with any operation system.

What if I reinstalled my Operating System or connect my modem to a different PC?+

You need Unify NSC client software. Follow the steps below to download the Unify NSC client software from our ftp server at
Or if you have a copy saved in your local storage, you can install it from there.
Verify your Ethernet (Network Card) connection with the modem.

  • Check if your PC Ethernet Card exists and LAN driver is installed properly. Configure its TCP/IP setting to obtain the IP address and DNS information automatically from DHCP Server. Refer the figure 1.1 for TCP/IP settings.
  • Your PC should now have an IP address from our DHCP Server, verify this by viewing you TCP/IP settings.
  • Browse our FTP site. To do this, open a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or another) and type the following URL:
  • Go inside folder named “Unify NSC Client” and download the file named NSC.exe to your PC.
  • Install the file on your computer. Refer to question number 10 below.
  • If you have a USB connection instead of Ethernet connection to the modem, you need to install both modem drivers (only for USB connection) and Unify NSC client software.
  • You cannot access the FTP site without the modem driver installed on your computer. You will need the modem driver on your PC`s local drive or else you can call for Subisu support. Once the modem is connected to your PC follow the rest of the steps mentioned above to obtain TCP/IP settings and a NSC client.

Note: If you are using USB cable to connect to the Internet. Please visit our ftp site ( and download the USB cable modem driver from CM Drivers folder (Terayon or Joohong according to your model). Before formatting, re-installing or changing the OS do not forget to backup your data.

How do I check my data uses?+

Log into the internet and open Enter your username and account password. On the home page you will find Session History where you will be asked to provide username and the dates of usage data. Getting the data from the server may take a little time. On the same page you will also find Usage Summary where you can access data usage from the date you have selected in the form of a total.

Where can I see my bandwidth usage?+

After logging in, open Click on the Accounts Graph to the left side of your home screen and select desired time period to view bandwidth usage.

I can’t remember my username and password. How do I get them?+

Please Call Subisu Support: Contact No:01 4235888, 9801235888 or Email at for assistance.

I can’t connect to the internet. What can be the reason?+

This can happen due to any one of the following reasons stated below:

  • USB driver for the modem is not installed. Check the Device Manager to make sure the USB driver and modem driver are installed. If you are connecting via Ethernet connection, make sure the driver for the Ethernet card are loaded correctly.
  • Modem is not receiving a signal: check the front panel of your cable modem to see if the “Cable” led is a steady green. If it is flashing (blinking) green, the modem is not receiving a valid signals. Call Technical Support to troubleshoot the problem.
  • You may not have logged in (web-based or NSC client). Double click on NSC client in the application tray (bottom right corner) or the icon on your desktop and login.
  • LAN may be disabled. To enable the LAN card do the following:
  1. Go to Desktop
  2. Right click My Network places (alternately from RUN type ncpa.cpl)
  3. Go to properties
  4. Right click the LAN device connected to the modem. If LAN is disabled you will see ENABLE at the top. Click on it.
  5. Go to the properties of LAN
  6. Check internet protocol (TCP/IP)
  7. Go to properties tab of TCP/IP
  8. Under general menu, check “obtain IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server automatically”
  9. Then click on OK
What if I exceed Data Transfer Limit during a login session?+

A message will pop up on your screen after you have exceeded your Data Limit and you will be disconnected. To renew your account please call the sales section at 01 4235888, 9801235888. You can also reach us via  or

When I connect the modem to a different PC, it does not working. What’s wrong?+

You need to release bound MAC/IP address to the modem by power cycling it. To do this, power down by unplugging from outlet and wait 10 seconds before plugging it back in. This process will reset the modem. If this does not work contact Technical Support for assistance.

If I have Unify NSC client software in my PC`s local drive, how do I install it?+

Double click the setup file. You will be asked if you want to click on RUN and then click on Next, I Agree and Install respectively. After the setup completes click CLOSE. You will see a shortcut to the NSC Lite Client on the desktop. Double click and enter login credentials and start surfing the internet.

Fig 1.1: TCP/IP settings for login users to obtain IP and DNS using DHCP Server.

** Please change your internet/e-mail access password frequently.
** To change your internet password refer to the process above.
** To change your E-mail password, please log into the following URL link with current credentials, go to options and click on change password.

If you have other problems or queries, you can call Technical Assistance or e-mail us at

Router configuration tips+

Before connecting to the router, connect the PC directly to the Modem via Ethernet (NOT via USB) and make sure that the internet connection is working. Then connect the Ethernet cable from the cable modem to WAN/Internet port of the router. Connect your PC via Ethernet wire to LAN port of the router. For further guidance, please refer to the user manual of your router. If this does not work, please contact Subisu Technical Support.

I’ve taken Fixed IP (Leased Line) but I am getting a login page. What could be the reason?+

We bind the CPE Hardware MAC with our DHCP server, thus you don`t have to login to access the Internet. But if you change the CPE device or Clone the MAC address you will be redirected to the login page. To solve the problem please contact Technical Support. Other reasons for such problems could be:

  1. Subscription to Night surfing Internet results in this page if you try to log in during the day.
  2. If your account is disabled or your subscription has crossed the expiry date you will be redirected to the Login page.
My modem does not work when I connect it to a different PC. What’s wrong?+

You need to release bound MAC/IP address to the modem by power cycling it. Power down by unplugging from outlet, wait 10 seconds, plug the modem back in. This process will reset the modem. If you have changed the CPE device (Computer/Laptop) or cloned the MAC address, you need to contact Technical Support to bind Hardware MAC.

If you have other problems or queries, please Contact Us.